Indian Wedding Photography Courses and Tips at Santa Fe Center

Wedding photography courses for beginners to professional photographers.

A mix of classroom based sessions with practical shoots with a real couple. All aspects of indian wedding photography in great detail, focusing on Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Tamil &  South Indian wedding rituals, the events that happen on the pre wedding day, how the actual wedding pans out with the arrival of the groom ceremony, the priest’s officiating, to shots that need to be captured.

If you are a beginner or professional who wants to learn about Sikh Wedding Photography | Indian Wedding Photography | Muslim Wedding Photography this is a workshop course not to be missed.

We will also run through the camera equipment, marketing, shooting techniques, post production and client servicing.

Indian weddings in America is big business

Compared to an average American wedding with about 150 guests, an Indian wedding in the U.S.  will typically have 400-500 guests . The average cost of  about $65,000  with many in excess of $100, 000.

NRI couples  living in the USA cities of  New Jersey (NJ) Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Dallas–Ft. Worth, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, San Jose still want to have a connection with their mother country – India.  They love their weddings to be larger, colorful and full of opulence. Specialist wedding photographers, wedding vendors with decor ideas & inspirations, indian caterers of punjabi food, gujarati, rajasthani, kerala are a must.

Wedding photography courses from beginner to advanced

Our Courses: Wedding Workshop of 3 days. Our inspiring wedding workshop is for those wanting to super charge their wedding photography.

Everything you need to know about photographing an Indian wedding

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